VapeStix Disposable E-Cigarette

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If you've recently heard about "vaping" and want to try the sensation of how a vape works, you've come to the right place.

VapeStix offers a range of disposables that are a great introduction to electronic vapourisers. Simply take the Disposable Stix out of the convenient carry container, remove the sticker from the mouthpiece, and start vaping today! No buttons; just inhale and enjoy!

  • Each stick offers up to 1000 puffs
  • The tip of the Stix indicates with an LED diamond jewel while inhaling

No smoke is produced, only vapour.

Fact: Combustible smoke damages your lungs when inhaled. Try the VapeStix Disposable today and feel the difference!

These disposable Stix contain NO Nicotine and NO Tobacco - only Great Flavours!

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