VapeStix Metro Coil (5 Pack)

VapeStix Metro Coil (5 Pack)

  • $19.95

The VapeStix Metro Coils are designed for the VapeStix Metro Tank. Each packs comes with 5 x Metro 0.3 Ohm coils.

  • Metro 0.3 Ohm Coil: 5 Watts - 50 Watts


How to Set Up the VapeStix Metro in 11 Quick and Easy Steps:

  1. Unthread the drip tip cap from the airflow base
  2. Unthread the top cap airflow base from the Metro Tank
  3. Gently remove the glass
  4. Unthread the old Metro Coil from the base
  5. Prime the coil (2 drop of e-liquid on each side, 2 down the centre-wall)
  6. Thread the coil onto the base finger-tight
  7. Gently place the glass back onto the Metro Tank
  8. Thread the top cap airflow base back onto the Metro Tank
  9. Fill the tank
  10. Thread the drip tip cap back onto the airflow base
  11. Inhale before connecting to the mod 10 times
  12. Vape away!


How to Maintain the VapeStix Metro:

  • Prime a new coil, always (2 drop of e-liquid on each side, 2 down the centre-wall)
  • If you experience any spitback, disassemble the tank, clean, and put it back together
  • Change the coil when the flavour begins to whither away
  • Rinse the tank and base without the coil under hot water when changing flavours

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