VapeStix Evod Clearomiser, 2.4ml

  • $5.95

The VapeSix Evod Clearomiser, or Tank, is designed for 510 eGo threaded batteries like the VapeStix Evod. The Evod Clearomiser holds 2.4ml of e-liquid and is compatible with the VapeStix Evod MT3 Coil.



  • E-liquid Capacity: 2.4ml
  • eGo 510 Connection



  • 1 x VapeStix Evod Clearomiser
  • 1 x VapeStix Evod MT3 Coil


How to Set Up the VapeStix Evod in 8 Quick and Easy Steps:

  1. Unthread the bottom stainless steel base from the Evod Tank
  2. Unthread the coil from the base
  3. Prime the coil (1 drop of e-liquid on each side, 1 down the centre)
  4. Thread the coil onto the base finger-tight
  5. Fill the tank upside-down
  6. Thread coil-first into the tank finger-tight
  7. Thread the Evod Tank onto the Evod Battery finger-tight
  8. Inhale without pushing the button 5 times
  9. Vape away!


How to Maintain the VapeStix Evod:

  • Prime a new coil, always (1 drop of e-liquid on each side, 1 down the centre)
  • If you experience any leaking, disassemble the tank, clean, and put it back together
  • Make sure the battery connection is dry
  • Do not get the button wet
  • Turn off when not using (5 clicks on/off)
  • Change the coil when the flavour begins to whither away
  • Rinse the tank and base without the coil under hot water when changing flavours

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